Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010


from kata szegedi at ostblock.

about kata

Kata Szegedi graduated in 2009 from KREA Contemporary Arts Institute, Budapest. In the same year winning the accolade of best young designer at the Hungary Fashion Awards.
Kata’s vision consists of innovative, modern design for the 21st century woman who is self-assured, independent, and proud of her individuality.
Her love of contrasts is evident throughout her designs in which she experiments with silhouettes, shapes, textures and colour; representing the modern feminine 'power-woman'.
Inspired by the style of day-to-day folds in everything from napkins to paper, Kata incorporated these into the garments; on shoulders, tops and gowns. The symmetry and geometry of her designs has created a statement and instantly recognisable look to the collection.
Kata is currently in the process of expanding her own label internationally.

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Viviana hat gesagt…

I love it.. I remember when I was still modeling in a Wholesale fashion company, I love it because I used to wear a lot of fashionable clothes. Nice blog.