Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010


Dear Friends,

We kindly invite You to our showroom this Friday (28th May, between 3PM and 7PM) and Saturday (29th May, between 2PM and 7PM) where you can check our latest collections.
We're proud to announce our special price Mid-Summer Mini Collection: essentials pieces such as leggings and racer-backs are sure to win your heart over.
The JSB Mens spring-summer collection has just arrived: you can expect soft, draping fabrics and low-key shapes. Trousers, shorts, summer jackets and an array of shirts and tees are waiting for you.
We remind you that both collections are limited: we can only accepts orders during this weekend.
Please RSVP by answering to this email or via phone (+36 70 220 1044).
Looking forward to meeting you here!

Je Suis Belle
Showroom: tel: +36 1 95113 53
Budapest, Ferenciek tere 11.

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