Samstag, 23. April 2011


S/S 2011_the paradox of perfection / paradoks popolnosti /

_the spring / summer 2011 collection is inspired by the human body with all its advantages and disadvantages.the body is a timeless design that is given to us. in different cultures it is idealized, presented and cared for in different ways. it is an instrument to create and a machine to kill. on a psychological and physical level a human body itself is so strong that can take us far beyond the limits. on the other hand it is so sensitive and fragile that can be destroyed in a moment. the paradox of perfection is transferred to the collection metaphorically. “what does it mean to be perfect and right?” niOka found the answer by putting together the basic garment patterns, as an ideal body, in unstandard ways or in the wrong positions. the result are 3D layered details on the basic garment pattern.

photo: ivian kan mujezinović /
model: petra svajger

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